From its unmatched scanning range and ample field of view, to its remarkable dose-reduction capabilities, the Optima* PET/CT 560 is designed with your patients in mind.

2-meter full-body scan

Enhance patient comfort with a full 2-meter scan range. The Optima PET/CT 560’s carbon fiber table extender enables a full 2-meter scan range–the longest in the industry. You can do a full head-to-toe scan in one pass for greater patient comfort and convenience, and position taller patients on the table with greater ease. Save up to 15 minutes per exam by eliminating patient repositioning–and potentially boost your scanning efficiency and patient throughput.

Conventional PET/CT

GE WideView PET/CT

Flexible, full field of view imaging.

With GE’S WideView imaging, you have the flexibility to position and image the complete patient in the large, 70-cm bore comfortably and easily. You get a fully reconstructed, 70-cm field of view for both PET and CT to help facilitate accurate radiation treatment planning–especially critical for obese patients and scans where the skin surface is important.

Stay close to your patients.

System controls and displays on both the front and rear of the scanner give you flexibility and convenience in patient contact and imaging control.
2-mm dose
Conventional CT
Scanner Beam

One half of the beam never reaches the detector, resulting in wasted dose.
1-mm dose

GE Optima PET/CT 560
Scanner Beam

The entire beam is used to create the image, resulting in no wasted dose and minimizing dose to the patient.

Minimize radiation exposure with an optimized beam.

The CT X-ray beam on the Optima PET/CT 560 narrows before entering the patient, so the entire beam is used to create the image – there’s no wasted dose and patient dose is minimized.

Maintain image quality while reducing dose.

The Optima PET/CT 560 uses a 3D modulation algorithm which automatically adjusts the mA as you scan along the x-y-z axes. The modulation maintains CT image quality, yet dose is reduced up to 40 percent.

Scan responsibly for the smallest patients.

Based on the Broselow-Luten* Pediatric system, GE’s default PET/CT protocols are specifically designed to help reduce CT radiation exposure in FDG oncology pediatric exams. Select from color-coded CT protocols–set in advance to suit a child’s specific weight–through our intuitive interface dedicated to pediatric examinations.

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