Connected Freight by Honeywell

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  • Eyes on the Inside – Even Down to the Package Level

    Quality, safety and security of most perishables can be compromised in loading, in transit, unloading – almost anytime during a multi-step cold chain. TempTales and other common monitoring solutions may not help you spot a problem until it’s too late. And it may not be designed to provide information specific to what you really need to know. That’s why we developed Connected Freight. It’s a continuous shipment monitoring solution that delivers the data you need in time to make a real difference.

  • Overcome the shortcomings of other solutions, such as:

    Reverse logistics for trackers

    Unreliable data loggers

    Inability to make en route adjustments

  • Command Control Provides Insights Specific to Your Shipment

    Through a customizable, mobile dashboard you can determine the data you need such as temperature spikes, a rise in humidity, lengthy exposure to light and/or location tracking. Get alerts in 15-minute intervals if parameters are breached.